[Lumps!] 84 XJS Chevy 383 Nice, Cheap

I spent a lot of time studying the information and pictures on this
cheap car advertised on Ebay, no reserve. Today it is up to $1425. and
closes Monday afternoon. Too bad it is not a convertible, or I would go
after it! Also, too bad it is not fuel injected. Also, I don’t like
maroon or red interiors. I guess with my 87 VDP, I don’t really need
it. These are the only reasons I stopped looking at it. Maybe one of
you lump collectors will buy it and tell us how nice it was to drive it
home all the way to the west coast and how much trouble it was to get it
smog certified in California; also how much the DMV socked you for
bringing in an out of state car. Then maybe I won’t feel so bad.