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In an HTML message from Dr Rothman:

I’m not positive, but that sure looks like a standard 7"
bucket that is used in every Triumph and MG since the mid 60s. If it is,
then I have quite a few of them and they are easily obtainable. If you have
a rusty or damaged one that you can send me, I will try and match it up.
only difference is the little bracket for the trim ring and those are
installed to the same bucket across all models.
Let me know,

Jeb Boyd

I know this was directed to Charlie, but since he hasn’t responded yet, I
thought I post an answer. Yes, from what everyone has said in the past,
the bucket is a standard BMC or BL 7 inch head light bucket. If you have
some, along with the hardware (chrome trim rings are harder to find as they
are not for US cars) let me/us know.

Welcome to the lists. You might also like the PUB. Come in and I’ll buy the
first round.

Dr.Michael E. Rothman
'87 January build Series III USA
Princess Margaret