[Lumps!] Conversion costs/Jon Snoddy

Dear Jon:

I just finished a Series III conversion and I am here in Orange California.

The cost will depend on how crazy you go. I went nuts with New Motor and
Trans rebuild to my specs. All new rubber , wire wheels, replaced every
bushing, shock, bearing - even the brake lines are braided stainless. All
new interior (even the kit panel) are new Connolly hides all color matched.
Grand sum total I have in mine is just north of 32K. But I love the car and
I will be driving this thing for years to come.

Walter Kelly at “Britalia” 1121 E. Elm Fullerton, CA 92831 (714) 879-7531 is
the best that walks. He is honest, knows what he is doing and is reasonable.
I don’t know if they will do a conversion but I think they will. Call him.
You will not be disappointed. I think if I had known him before I started,
it would have cost me several thousand dollars less.

			Bob Corrado <@Robert_Z_Corrado>

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