[Lumps!] Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 12:08:42 -0700

To the Members of the list that I CC’d, my apologies. I am under the Jag and need a
quick answer so that I can complete the rebuild of the suspension.

I found the spacers on top of the springs. There were two of them. White neoprene
or plastic or Bakelite, but not metal. Somewhere along the way, someone from the
list told me that I would find the spacers only on the top side of the spring. When
cleaning up the spring pan, preparing to give it a shot of paint, I found another
spacer in the well of the pan. Can someone tell me is this is a P.O. goof up or
should there be spacers in the pan. There seems to be a metal one that is welded to
the pan and is most likely part of the strength of the pan, but should that extra
spacer be at the bottom end of the spring?

Need answer ASAP please, and thank you all, list and CC’d individuals for your quick