[Lumps!] Donor Cars: Caprice, Firebird, Corvette...?

Hi Julio,
I personally chose a Chevy Caprice w/ 350ci V-8 and a T350 trans(4-barrel
carb. and Air Conditioning, motor mounts, and a lot of other bits and pieces)
Lesson: Don’t throw anything away, tag it and store it away) The reason I
decided on a Caprice (station wagons are best, I’ve found that they’re
usually stronger and come with towing packages,etc.) but the main reason was
the price! Whereas a Camero or Firebird would cost 3 times what I paid for a
Caprice and all that extra Fuel injector set-up wasn’t what I wanted anyway.
I wanted to run a 4-Barrel carb because of the ease of installation and lower
maintence, Hey look around ask questions, my choice was what suited me best.
And 3 years later it’s still running without any problems. See you around!
Albert Escalante