[Lumps!] Engine Temp Question

Hello to All,

Last summer, my car’s engine temp (I have a Chevy 350
in an '82 XJ6 and I live in a very hot, humid climate)
ran from 88-90C until I found myself in stop and go
traffic with the A/C on. Here’s a list of the things
I’ve done since then.

Okay…here goes…I’ve replaced the 2-row radiator with
a 4-row radiator. I’ve constructed a fan shroud. I’ve
upgraded my existing plastic engine fan with a larger
metal one. I’ve added the mod that cuts the aux. fan
on when the compressor is on. Finally, I’ve replaced
the 180 degree thermostat with a 160 degree one.

My question is…is everyone out there with this
setup also running a fan clutch? Currently, I have the
regular fan with a spacer attached.


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Thanks to All who responded. I guess I’ll keep
searching and modifying until I can tame the
Mississippi Heat Beast!

marcus> Marcus,

To answer your question, no we’re not running a
clutch fan. In fact, we have
no mechanical fan at all. At present we’re running
a single large (approx.
16") electric fan in back of the radiator and
haven’t had any significant
problem with controlling engine temp. …

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