[Lumps!] Exhausting questions

Thanks fellas for all the responses… much to think about here. To answer
Richard’s question, yes I did all the work myself, except the tach
recalibration which was included as part of John’s Cars kit. The car is
running but I wont be able to drive it until I have the exhaust system
installed. Everything I have tested so far seems to be working, have not
checked the tach calibration though it appears close. Sure is nice to see
that oil pressure gauge read a steady 60 lbs, instead of the 10-15 it read
when the original Jag anchor was still in the car. I bought this car
several years ago, drove it around town for several months with no apparent
problems… took it on a 300 mile jaunt and Wall-La,
next morning it decides to offer up a sacrifice to the JAGUAR gods at
startup, we are talking military type smokescreen here folks.
(Blown head gasket - wonder it was’nt hydrolocked as much anti-freeze as it
burned). Anyway after a couple of false starts and 3.5 years of neglect
here we are. Cant wait to get this beasty on the road agin!