[Lumps!] Ford into Jaguar, was Doug Dwyer at dougdwyer@earthlink.netmany thanks for you input

Well, it’s sounds like you are well underway ! You have a real “can do”
approach…my hat’s off to you :slight_smile:

Doug Dwyer
Longview, Washington USA

Doug,the motor is quite often referred to as the ford small

We have been getting together all the bits and pieces for a while

.The jag BW35 will need the bellhousing and the
front shaft and pump changed to mate up to the ford,and that is
well under way now,all the rest of the bits are in boxes ready and

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Doug can you still be reached at dougdwyer@earthlink.net…Jeff Or does anyone knows his contact email ?? Jeff dams@ptd.net

18 years later! Is this a record? :slight_smile:


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I think I recall sering a zombie thread from 20+ years ago…:grimacing: