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I agree with Andrew that the 700 g/box would be the best solution given your
present shortage of a clutch pedal etc. Adding these will get messy and
expensive. I agree that 700’s aren’t cheap but compared to prices in America
they not to bad here in Aust. Try to get hold of the ‘Parts Peddler’
magazine via your newsagent, if you can’t get one that far south I will send
you a copy. There are quite a few vendors of these boxes listed, from plain
used, some re-conditioned to near new, many of them in Victoria. The
member’s pages on conversions are worth a re-visit for cautions such as
Andrew mentioned when selecting the model to use. For very useful info.re.
Chev transmissions find the Marks4wd adapter site at ozemail.com.au and
read their Chev pages, although from memory the G/box favoured for their
purpose is the opposite to ours.
Best Regards
Paul McIlwraith

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