[Lumps!] GM VSS for Sale - Cheap!

If any of you are thinking about installing a 700R4 transmission that
came with a cable driven speedometer or an electric one but with the
optical sensor in the dash driven by a cable, then maybe you should buy
the extra vehicle speed sensor left over from my project (I bought two
by mistake, while learning this stuff the hard way). I am auctioning it
in the original box on Ebay, no reserve and the last time I checked
someone bid $12. for it. See the picture and technical information on
Ebay. Auction ends on December 14, the URL is

Oh, by the way, tell your purist friends, if you still have any, that I
am also selling real cheap other Jag drive train stuff from my XJ6
lumper project. It’s big, heavy, dirty and ugly setting on my patio and
my wife says get that junk out of here! Just click on “view seller’s
other auctions” on Ebay. My userid is RCPETERS.

Regards to all,