[Lumps!] Great job on my V8

Back in Nov I ask some questions about putting a 350 in my wifes
XJ6 and I got so many answers and help (you know who you are).
A short time later a man came to me looking for a job and had done
3 jags with great results.Also as strange a 87 jag showed up with a
lock up engine from over heating so we put my wife’s brand new 350
with a 350 transmission in for him and let me tell you it was sweet.
I also have a full exhaust shop so we made the headers for it
ourself and did all the exhaust work.
Back to my wife’s car we are rebuilding a engine now for it.She
can’t hardly wait.
I understand now your passion for these old cars and I will be glad
to help in any way I can.
AAction Automotive
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