[Lumps!] I\Using a Jag BW trans with a Chevy small block


Don’t even waste your time trying to do this. As far
as I know there is no adaptor to put a Jag trans on a
Chevy small block. And there is a good reason for
that- after just 2 or 3 good jabs on the gas pedal
that trans would be dust. They don’t hold up behind
the 6; there’s no way one would last a month with the
torque of a V8.

The only reason I was thinking you’d want to do this
is that maybe you already have a rebuilt trans in your
car. Do this instead: sell the trans to another Jag
nut who needs it and has a stock motor. You’ll
probably be able to get more for it than it would cost
to have a nice new T700 rebuilt to use in your
conversion. That’s the way to go.

Good luck

www.JaguarSpcecialties.com> do you know if there is a bell housing that will

bolt to a B/W
65/66 trans and fit a small block chevy motor for a
thanks Chris


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