[Lumps!] Introduction and search 1986 XJS Ground effects, suspension,whee

And here I was asking where the converted XJ-S cars were (see VERY few on the
“Lumps” list, mainly sedans).

Welcome to the list. In reply to your questions about parts sources, if you
haven’t already done so, down load “The Book” from the following web site.
The author (Kirby Palm) has just posted the latest version. This book is a
massive (presently 400+ pages) tome of accumulated tips, ideas, helpful
experiences of Jaguar OWNERS (real people with real solutions), not party
line following mechanics. At the back of the book is a list of A LOT of
sources for parts, many of which have web sites. SICP (Special interest Car
Parts) is one quite good source, as is Coventry West, etc. Usual disclaimers


One caveat: the Book spends a lot of space on things you won’t need, such as
V-12 engine, GM400 trans, etc., but you can do as we did-print the sections
that are pertinent.

BTW, who did your conversion? Did you do it yourself, PO, mechanic shop?
Just curious, we did SheCat ourselves, had a lot of fun doing it and are
quite pleased with the results. The cosmetics on our car are the next facet
to be addressed.

Good luck,

79 XJ-S (SheCat) TPI350/T700