[Lumps!] Kelly sez Thanks for h-e-l-p

Don’t write h-e-l-p or the message just comes to me!> I put out a call for some h*lp in having someone check a car for me

in another state to help me in a buy sight unseen long distance
situation. Much to my amazement, I had a few people respond with offers
to help!
Jeff Davis from the Jaguar Lumps list was going to be in the area of
where the car was over the holiday weekend and offered to take tim out
of his weekend to eyeball the car for me! What a guy!!!

Michael Cornell from the Jag Lumps list offered to look it over and
take pictures of the car to send to me! Now that is really neat!

But as it turned out, Eric Via from the Mercedes list was very near
the neighborhood and was even anxious to do a fellow car junkie a favor
such as this. He put on the white gloves (or were they latex?) and gave
it a good once up the exhaust pipe (yeah probably latex) and gave me a
thorough report on the car. I am going to close the deal and I owe Eric
for making the long distance deal so much more comfortable for me. I
told him I would sing his praises for all to hear but alas news of my
singing voice must have reached him clear down there for he asked
vehemently for me not do to so!

This is my public thanks to these fine fellows! It is reinforcement
that there are good people out there willing to do a good deed when they
have the chance! These car lists have been a wonderful source of
information and contact with some very good people!

Kelly Bumgarner


William “Chip” Lamb
West of Sweden SAAB & Jaguar
Charles City, VA.