[Lumps!] P/S Rack Woes

Hey Gurus!
As some of you might remember, I recently went through a complete front end
re-build on my 76 Series II.
To remind, I took the old P/S rack out, got a new one and that one leaked
(out of the box) worse than the old one. Took it off, went back to Auto
Zone and got a replacement. Poly bushings were used on the install.
Now that rack is leaking. Going to have to go through that pain in the a$$
intall again. The rack is lifetime warranty, so no expense there.
What I want to ask is this: During the time I was updating a few of you on
the re-build of the front end and all the trials and tribulations, there
were posts that suggested that the design and mechanicals of the Series II
rack had flaws and that they were notorious for leaking. Some of you
suggested that I should anticipate replacing that rack every couple years
because they just don’t last.
I believe someone suggested stepping up to a Series III rack but can not
find any reference to this in the Archives.
I have a very good relationship with the supplier and I am sure that they
will exchange this rack for a Series III if it will work and be more

What is involved if this is true? What other parts, ie: tie rod ends, etc.
will be effected by this change to the SIII rack? And of course, any
warnings and/or suggestions are always welcome.

Phoenix, Arizona
`76 XJ12L w/ L82-700R4_________________________________________________________
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