[Lumps!] RE: Ancient Chinese Secret?

So Appolyon
I guess you didn’t read any of the original post :). Last week I mentioned
that whether it was a combination of things or what, the Jag is running
great now. Now if you REALLY need to know. Here is what was done, as was
mentioned in the original post.
New plugs (RV14C4 instead of the rv17Y), dist.cap, rotor, coil, plug wires,
EGR valve, checked all vacuum lines. Used Sea Foam in the carb. (great
stuff)N.A.Y.Y., PVC valve, so otherwise, a pocket full of cash thrown at
what seemed like a never-ending problem (i.e. run fine one day, run like
crap the next).
But then it had been awhile since everything had been replaced, so might as
well do it. So no real big secret here.
But happily now it’s still running great. In replying to Rich and his
question about what the secret was, I’m sure he understood that I really
can’t put my finger on any one thing or combination of things, I guess I
just took it for granted since Rich and I have had so many off-list
conversations about this.
Hopefully no one else took offense to me saying it was a secret.

Always thankfully to the list for help, and will gladly contribute back.

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A secret, huh? I guess the next time you ask for advice it might be a


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