[Lumps!] Re: Are S Type Headlamp Rings Interchangible

Hi Steve,
Don’t know if they are the same or not.
However, There is a webpage in the works,
by Marion Hawk, and myself, which gets into the Trim ring issue.
Will let all know when it is ready.

Lumps Admin.
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Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 07:40:30 -0500
From: “Chatman” kchatman@coin.org
Subject: [xj] Are S Type Headlamp Rings Interchangible

“Chatman” kchatman@coin.org

I wrote about a week ago to ask whether the S Type rims from the mid-60s
were interchangeable with those 7 inch rims needed for Series 3 XJs. I know
that they wouldn’t suit the earlier cars with functional vents in the rims,
and that they carry a different part number – but they would as these did
not have vents. I wrote because there was a set of NOS S Type rims on Ebay.
They went for $72.50 where I backed out because I hadn’t received a
definitive answer.

I think that it is still a good question. I know that Loudon thinks that S
Type parts would go for a premium, but having owned an S Type and having
seen the many S Type parts cars available, this might be a viable
alternative for the U.S. Series 3 XJ owner wanting to convert to 7 inch
outboard rims. Does anyone own both? I had both for a few months but never
tried the switch. I know that they look very similar, but that is all I

Steve C.