[Lumps!] re David One Lap of America, wheels {again}

In reply to David, yes that was me with the lump in One Lap of America. The
real secret is a three person team. I have 2 great co-drivers that I can
trust. We try to do 2-3 hours on, 4-5 hours off. The xj6 is large enough
that you can sleep in the back seat; which cannot happen in a Viper, Vette,
SL600 etc. Spend 7 days in a car, it will develop or kill your friendship.
Yes, we are planning to run 2001. For more info www.onelapofamerica.com
Wheels again I use these wheels Eagle 0779-8834-3
size 17x8, bolt pattern 5 on 4.75, offset positive 38mm.
MUST USE CENTERING TYPE LUG NUTS, these have extra long shank on nut. You
may have to use a small spacer in the front to clear the Jag grease cap. A
BMW wheel might look close but the bolt pattern is slightly off. You may
purchase the bmw wheel in my garage to check for yourself, I have already
spent the $123.00 on a wheel that will not bolt up. Trust me. No affliation
with oloa or Eagle wheel yada yada yada Mike