[Lumps!] RE: Lumps Digest / 2000 V1 #91

Glad to hear that that might have solve your problem. As I mention once
before. That was the problem I was having with my Chevy P/U in the Phoenix
heat, and changing to the electric pump took care of the problem. I used a
Bullet type pump w/adjustable psi’s mounted to the right front fender well.

85XJ6 305/350> Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 17:35:04 -0700

From: “J. Rick Smith” g.s.i.investigations@home.com
Subject: [Lumps!] Arizona Heat

Fellow Lumpers:
I am happy to report that the Kitty went on the trip down town, sat in the
sun and started right up after one hour of sitting there. I
think I finally
got this gremlin beat. Of course it will probably make a liar
out of me as
it has done on previous reportings! What it came down to was the
configuration of the fuel pump in proximity to the lower radiator hose.
Seems that it was vapor locking all this time but was doing it in a place
that was not obvious. I think that I am going to eliminate the mechanical
fuel pump and put an electric on it. I presume that placement should be
right near the metal Jag fuel lines the come up to the right fender wall,
then to the electric pump and essentially straight across to the carb
intake? OPINIONS?

Also, I have met a delightful lady here in Phoenix that is driving a 72 XJ
with a 400 in it. I am encouraging her to become part of our list. She
tells me that she has a Mark 10 that is in fair-to-good condition … but
that it has no engine. She is asking all kind of questions (or will be)
that is out of my realm of expertise. For any of you that have
ideas on the
“10” and would like to assist her in some answers, I would personally
appreciate it.

Smitty {1976 XJ12L}
Block: LS9 / Heads: Corvette 992 - 194 valves / Headers: 73-80 L82
Cam: 409 Lift - 268 Duration / Compression: 9 to 1 / Trans: 700R4 with
Kevlar Pkg.