[Lumps!] Re: [lumps] They stole my Jag

First, THANK YOU to one and all that watched for, told others to watch for,
that grab their baseball bats in case they found it the creep(s), that sent
me their regards, etc… THANK YOU for your help and concern.

Second… Well… There is one less Series III 85 VDP in the world. My
Jag was stolen on Wednesday night / Thursday morning from Modesto, CA and
was found Saturday morning 8-9-2003 in Stockton, CA… BURNT to a
crisp. I haven’t seen it yet, I will Monday morning, but the tow lot tells
me that it is a total burn. They said MAYBE get a rear tire from it, but
that is it. Though I have insurance on it, the $2K spent in the last year
on front brake rotors and pads, rear brake calipers and pads, CA smog
compliance, 4 new Michelin X1 tires in April, new A/C compressor and coil,
new antenna, CA license plate just week and a half ago,… just really
really makes me feel sick. I still have the feeling that I will end up
with the short end of the stick.

So when all is settled on the insurance, I will be looking for a daily
driver again. If you know of one, please let me know.

Thanks again!

Mark K {was} 85VDP

P.S. Does no Jag mean I have to quit the list? :slight_smile:

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