[Lumps!] Re: Series 3 windows inoperative

First time listing on Lumps!
I learned a lesson when I got my first Jag a month ago: also read the lumps
list, it contains much crossover info.


Tell me more about your window problem.
Are all of them dead?
How about the sun roof?

There are a few different things to check.

  • master window switch
  • fuses
  • thermal breakers

Give more detail, you will find help!
1987 xj6 vdp Fed 87,000 mi>------------------------------

Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 17:29:44 -0500
From: “Mark E. Chiampi” mchiampi@gate.net
Subject: [Lumps!] Series 3 windows inoperative.

Hi all-I am still having problems with all my windows being inoperative.
They became intermittent, then quit altogether. It is a Ser III, XJ-6
Lump. (1985).

I have opened up the center console, and looked at all the switches and
connections-everything looks good.

Can someone tell me where to start? Can I jump power into the console so I
can at least get the windows back up (it is cold and rainy).

Mark Chiampi

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