[Lumps!] Re: [xj] Re: 7" Headlight Glitch,revisited

Dear All,
Just got the embellisher retaining tabs from Jaguar, Part # C18179. I bought
ten, need four for my car, sent two out already, have four left. Who else
needs some ? I can’t remember who the guys were who were fabricating their
own—if they are interested let me know. Maybe they can find 'em useful as
a pattern or something.

Anyhow, just leave me your address off-list and I’ll shoot 'em out !


Dear all,
I am out of the C18179 embellisher tabs. Sorry. Your local Jag dealer ought
to be able to get them for you. If I had known the demand was so high I
would have ordered 30 of 'em !! I sent some to the fellows who were
fabricating their own so they can use them as patterns or whatever. One of
them looks like he compiling a useful “cheat list” of all the different
embellishers, tabs, lights, etc for use as a list reference. Those of you
who I have sent some to I e-mailed you individually so you’ll know to
expect them. Sorry, everyone. !!
PS I think Gregory Wells at Coventry West is also trying to get some of
these tabs . Check with him—I don’t want to horn in on his territory !!