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Daniel Browne wrote:
Im thinking of running a T700 with a 2:88 ratio rear end is that
an overkill?will I even be able to use the overdrive at leagal
roadspeed?Will a standard 350 be able to push the thing along or
will I need a stroker(i want one anywayz)?
So what are you guys/galz running in your cats?At the moment we
figured my diff ratio is about 3.8:1(3Km per litre of L.P.G)------------

I have an LT1 with 4L60E tranny still running the 2.88 rear end. Even
before the supercharger, the engine (then putting out somewhere in the
vicintity of 330 HP pushed the car down the road in fine style. True, I
could go through tires a lot faster with different gearing, but I like going
down the road at 80 MPH with the tach reading 2,000 RPM knowing I’ve got a
large reserve for passing or just speed when it is appropriate and safe.
And, I get GREAT gas mileage as long as I use an Octane Booster sufficient
to keep the knock sensor from retarding the timing when it thinks I’m
lugging the engine.

Because there is so much overkill on the top end I’ve often thought of
changing diff gearing but so far have not been able to sell myself on the
idea since I’m not a street or drag racer and I can still smoke the tires at


N. David king
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I agree with David. I just got the 5-speed (with an 0.68 5th gear) in
my XJ-S (V12, not V8) and while it might be nice to have a higher
gear, personally I think that on the highway that big overdrive with
the 2.88 is pretty cool. You get better mileage and the engine
happily spins slowly down the road. Yeah, you can put in a lower gear
like a 3.31 or 3.54 and that would be better for around town driving,
but if you do a lot of highway driving (I do) then you’re better off
with the 2.88. That’s what it was designed for in the first place.–
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