[Lumps!] Sump Tank Sock Parts Upgrade

I have been tearing up the ass end of the XJS due to a fuel delivery issue.
I found that Colleen from Tex-ass has been such a great source of
information while doing this end of the project. Happened that I got stuck
on one of the short voyages that I have dared to make and thought that there
was a P.O. installed filter somewhere in the line before the engine bay.
WRONG. Here is what Colleen wrote me.-----
If you determine that your clog is there (sump tank, specifically
the strainer sock on the pickup tube), there is an improved, larger strainer
sock available from the usual Jag parts suppliers. Don’t remember the part
number, but it is for the later models, say mid to late 80’s XJ-S. It fits
the older pickup tube perfectly. Part number MAY be in Kirby Palm’s book.

She was right, as usual. The tank is full of rust, the sock is or was a
mess. (Soaking in alcohol as I write) I took the sump tank to a rad shop
earlier today to have it boiled. I will go for the POR ?? at the parts
store tomorrow to coat the inside of the sump tank. I know that with a carb
engine, the sump is not really needed, but want to have it in place anyhow,
in case I get completely nuts and do a fuel injection conversion on the
conversion. I am taking the time to sand and paint the battery tray and the
other steel parts in that area as I go. New bolts and nuts and washers and
lions and tigers and bears.

My question after that update, is this: Does anyone know the part number of
the NEW AND IMPROVED SOCK? Kirby’s wonderful book does not mention it, or
at least I didn’t see it.

Phoenix, AZ
77XJS (350-TH350)
76XJ12L (L82 350-700R4)

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