[Lumps!] Time to fix that loose front end...but where to start?

Lumpers, for too long now I have put up with my front end being loose, and watched helplessly as my tires faded to baldness way too quickly. Its time to fix the front end…I went to the johnscars website and found they sell balljoints for $25 a peice, and tie rod ends for about $20, which is phenomenal considering last time I saw a price on ball joints they were $65 a peice.

So, I have a loose front end that give excessive play in the steering. I have already done my rack bushing, put in urethane ones. What should be next? I am sure one of my upper ball joints needs replacing, could thesse losen my steering? Also, I’ve heard tie rods can cause my symptoms…am I correct? Is there any way to tell if yours are bad? (I suppose for 19 bucks a piece, the tie rods are a good investment even if mine “look ok”, especially since I seem to recall a while back someone had one snap in two…)

So where should I start to solve my problem? Thanks a bunch!


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