[Lumps!] Trans Mount - "DONE"

Special thanks to Charlie, Colleen, Marion and Jeb for their insight and
advise on the transmission mount issues. The XJ is back on the road.

For the LIST: I have been in touch with a retired after-market frame and
body engineer, that had some interesting points. He stated that there were
tech notes that he had read 20 years ago that discussed a condition called
Tunnel Flex in the mid 70’s Jags. He stated that this condition had most
likely contributed to my problem on this car. When he climbed under to take
a look, he came out with an immediate observation that I believe that I am
going to remedy as soon as I can get the energy to get back under there. If
you follow the tunnel back along each bottom edge on the horizontal surface,
you are going to find two threaded holes on each side that are about 6"
apart. This engineer states that one should (along with the JTR mount for
the Trans) install two bars or some sort of configuration across the tunnel
in this area. As He noted the threaded holes are already there. He stated
with the JTR type Trans mount and the rear tie mounts, that the Tunnel Flex
can be 99.9% eliminated. Seems like a simple task to fabricate 3/8" bars.
In drawings that I have seen before, I believe this threaded points are most
likely where a cross member originally went. I believe that its the point
where the John’s car rear bolts to the Trans mount are secured, as from the
literature on the John’s site, I believe that it states that a rear cross
member is included in his Trans mount kit. Those with SII and SIII might
want to go under there and see if that cross member has been eliminated over
the years for some reason and remedy it by either finding a direct
replacement in the bone yard, or fabricating one. IMHO, might just solidify
the Kitty a little bot more. I can tell you that in driving mine after
using the JTR Kit, I could tell a major difference in how solid the car
felt. I know that some of this is purely psychological, but some of it has
to be real, and any real contribution to firming up an old car has to be

Of course the normal disclaimers apply to the mentioning of either of the
vendors mentioned here, but I can say that I am absolutely an endorsement
for the JTR mount.__________________
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