[Lumps!] transmission and speedometer angle drive lubrication

I have both the tramnsmission and speedometer angle drives out of
the car and ready to be lubricated. As always I have several
question. First the transmission angle drive:

  1. How do I get the old grease out? Do I remove the small screws
    and try to scrape the grease out? Or is there a way to remove the
    flat side covers?

  2. Is there a special type of lube that should be used?

  3. Should I remove the small screws on the angle drives and replace
    them with nipple fittings?

The speedometer angle drive. This thing looks so delecate.

  1. Should I remove the metal cover that is held on with two screws
    to remove the grease.

  2. There is a slotted cover. Can this be romoved and replaced to
    allow cleaning and greasing.

  3. Lastly, do the angle gears have different gear ratios,or are
    they all interchangable?

I have three different transmission angle gears. One that came with
the conversiona and has 1 inch connections (stock chevy?). Another
that I took from an XJS (unknown year) that has a 3/4 and a 1 inch
connection, and lastly, I have one I took from an XJ6 (unknown
year) that measures 1/2 inch and 3/4 of an inch (all measurments
are approximate).
It is the last one from the XJ6 that fits the cable I purchased
from Johns Cars. I also received a new speedometer gear insert
from Johns cars that has the correct diameter male connection for
the angle drive from the XJ6.
I have posted some pics in the lumps section to clear this stuff up.

1976 XJC Chevy 350 from a 9C1 (police car) with a 700r4
San Diego,Ca, United States
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In reply to a message from Harry Moore sent Wed 14 Jun 2006:

I posted the link to the wrong photos. I am replying to my message
b/c I could not figure out how to edit my original message.
I called two speedo shops today and I was quoted $50 per angle
drive to remove the caps, remove the old grease, put new grease in,
and seal everything back up.
I think I will replace the small screw with a nipple fitting. Now,
how do I get all that old grease out of such a small hole???

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1976 XJC Chevy 350 from a 9C1 (police car) with a 700r4
San Diego,Ca, United States
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