[Lumps!] Trunk Adjustment Series III car

How does one go about adjusting the trunk on a Series III car? It fits too
close on the passenger side and is too high on the driver’s side.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Secondly, I wanted to report on my car’s motor. I took a 19878 305 (TBI) out
of a Firebird. Completely rebuilt, balanced and blue printed, Pink rods, a
good three angel valve job, pocket ported Edelbrock heads, everything is
flow matched, Hypereutectic pistons (10.2:1 but the Comp cam makes it think
it is a 9:1 motor - best of both worlds and burns regular gas to boot) 17%
under driven accessory drive, the cam manufacturer recommended the chip from
Hypertech and mated to a 700R4 (its fresh also). This thing is a freeway
flyer. It came off the dyno 2 weeks a go and is making 330 ponies to the
rear wheels at 5K RPM and 410 Torque at 3,800 RPM. Life doesn’t get much
better than that. Anyhow, it is more than enough for a daily driver that
belongs to a fat old man like me.

I now have 21,000 plus trouble free miles. I have averaged 18.3 MPG around
town and the A/C is almost never off. It gets 22 to 23 MPG on the road and I
normally cruise it at around 80-85 MPH. I now have added a beautiful new
dash and a Nardi wooden wheel to match. Wire wheels that were rechromed and
a new red paint job.

The only things that ever go wrong with it are the stock electrics. This
past weekend it was the power door locks. Rather than mess with the stack
parts, I went to my local Hot Rod Shop, and bought a whole kit. It went in
without a hitch, and ended up costing me a couple hundred dollars less than
four new stock actuators. And the kit component are all made here in the
good old US of A and carry a 10 year guarantee.

I love this thing!!! My wife and daughter don’t understand why I love this
Lump so much. I told them: “If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.” So
I guess I just have to rant and rave to you guys a little.

						Bob Corrado

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The adjustment of the boot lid is called “adjusting or setting the proud”,
you ever looked at the various how to’s and etc in the XJ-lovers directory or
archives? Anyway thats the key word or Phrase…adjusting the pride…it may
apply to all the gaps between either doors or lids and car body.

Albert Escalante
1978 MGB, 1977 Jaguar XJ6L
Central Coast British Car Club
Port Hueneme, California (USA)

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