[Lumps!] Tuner/Reprogramming software for LT1

Looking for recommendations on software to reprogram a 1996 LT1.
First off I want to change my cooling fans on/off settings. I
would also like to try some tuning after that.
Internet is showing tunercat and LT1 edit. I would not mind
getting a full functioning package because I have a future project
with an LS engine.
Another non lump issue is my 1996 XJS, 4.0 litre(AJ16): Installed
new TPS and idle is crazy high. Need to get Jaguar software to
reprogram the TPS voltages. So far I have found IDS software and
cable in UK. Any other recommendations? Anybody in San Diego area?–
Pat Opsahl
La Mesa, CA, United States
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In reply to a message from Patrick Opsahl sent Tue 18 Nov 2014:

Another option is the Hypertech Power Programmer, not as
many options, but a cheaper price, and can be found on ebay
for a great price also. Did all that I needed when I
put '97 Z28 LT1 in wife’s XJS.

Power Programmer III- Part #30027
Performance Options
Premium Octane: +7HP +12TQ

Adjustable Features
Shift Firmness Yes/No
Shift Point Adjustment 1-2 shiftp. -6 to +6 MPH, 2-3
shiftp. -12 to +12 MPH, 3-4 shiftp. -18 to +18 MPH,
SpeedometerOdometer Correction For Gears 2.59, 3.07,3.45,
3.70, 4.11, & 4.56
SpeedometerOdometer Correction For Tire Sizes 24-29 inches
1/4 inch increments
Top Speed Limiter 110, 116, 122, 128, 147, 166, 184, 255 MPH
Rev Limit 5500 to 6600 RPM in 100 RPM increments
Cooling Fans Stock, 160 degrees F, 180 degrees F
Return Back To Stock–
lockheed 92 XJS Cpe/97 LT1 Miami FL/ 96 XJS Cv 4.0 Austin TX
Austin, TX, United States
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