[Lumps!] Vindicated but stll!

Hi Jeb & Lisa,
After clicking on Ted Macklins post regarding the Michlin Tyre rotation
suggestions … see >>>XJ Digest V2 #1872<<< (Ted Mack 409) there are 4
specific manners shown regarding “proper” tyre rotation techniques. The one
that I’d suggested is shown as an example for rear wheel drive cars (The
cross over method) but the same section shows same side front to back
rotation just as viable, so go figure!! Hey Jeb, is there really a
Mechanicsburg, Pennslyvania. Do they play that there “football” much around
there? You have any more Joe Montanas up in them thar hills? We sure (San
Francisco 49rs) need another #16!..Cheerio! Albert Escalante