M C Wilkinson Steering Rack Leak Mk2

Hi Folks, I have a fluid leak from the tower input pinion seal on the steering rack that M C Wilkinson fitted four years ago. I believe that the rack is from an XJ6, but I’m not sure wether it is a Mk1 or2 . I do know that it is a shorter tower rack because the longer ones will not fit the Mk2.
So do you know if the input pinion seal is common to all marks of the XJ6 steering rack, because I don’t want to fit the wrong one.!
Many Thanks Patrick

I have a long tower in my S1 XJ6. If I recall correctly there is an inner high pressure seal and an outer low pressure one (on the perimeter). If your’s is the same I hope it’s the outer and not the inner. The other guys will add further.

Thanks Paul, I think and hope that it is the outer seal, which seems to be a common problem with these. There is a very good video on U Tube ( Living with a Classic ) of this seal being removed and a new one fitted, which will be most helpful. I’m hoping that this seal is common to most of the XJ6 steering racks, but I wonder which cars had the shorter tower versions.
Thanks Paul. Patrick

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The long was only fitted to the S1, as I understand it. It’s an Adwest unit.

Contact ‘Kiley Clinton’ in Birmingham = possibly even the firm that made / modified the rack for Wilkinsons. They know this stuff backwards and great service.

Thanks Paul, that’s good info.

Thanks Tigger I will do that as I have now found the cause of the leak. Many many years ago, my RAF flying instructor insisted that must not assume but check instead.! So I assumed that it was the input seal. Well I wiped down the affected area and found that the leak was in fact coming from the rack top hydraulic pipe ( not the supply and return pipes ) and it has cracked where it enters the union into the rack. The union has a 13mm nut so I am wondering if I can make a new pipe using cunifer brake pipe as I imagine the tapered fittings may be similar. If not then I will get in touch with Kiley Clinton in Birmingham Tigger, photo below showing the top pipe which is leaking badly. Many Thanks. Patrick

Good investigation.

I have a XJ steering rack on my MK1.
First the pump was leaking later the rack.
I removed all the hydraulics, and greased everything up with grease.
You need to connected the two rack connection together with a hose,
and plug the four connections on the tower.
Then I installed a electric power steering unit from a Opel Corsa, in the steering column.
Works great, and I can adjust the steering force.
Never any steering leaks anymore!

Thanks Peter. Patrick

From my warranty experience with Jaguar North America I knew that the Adwest racks were a high warranty item. Jaguar finally “fired” then after many promised modifications that never worked, and had ZF make the racks. That is what I fitted to my 3.8S 25+ years ago and so far no leaks and no moaning noises. Now, I only wonder it the Adwest one in my 1990 XJ6 will go bad, but at 75K miles so far so good.

My rebuilt Adwest in our '72 is great with no leaks. I had a specialist rebuild it including the ram, which was rusted. I guess, as in many cases, the aftermarket makes good on the factory. Wasn’t aware Adwest got another run in the later cars.

A word of caution, although I may be wrong.

I doubt anyone in the UK was using metric nuts & bolts when the Mk 2 was being built and as 13mm is almost exactly the same spanner size as 1/2" AF I’d say your nut is 1/2" AF.

Only saying because the thread is different. :smiley:

1/2" AF did not fit. 13mm fitted exactly. When the pipe was removed it was found to be 6mm exactly, so not imperial, also this was not a Mk2 power rack, but came off a later XJ6 which is probably why it is metric.