Machine shop recommendation

I am in the process of removing my cylinder head on a 1971 4.2 XKE.
I live on Long Island and I’m looking for a machine shop that I can bring the cylinder head to.
The cylinder head will have to have the valves redone I might like to have it ported and polished as well.
I would think that a machine shop could set up the valve clearance to the correct clearance while they were doing the work.
Any thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

@David_Ahlers, any leads?

Call Bobby at Jags Plus been working on Jags & British cars for over 30 years very knowledgeable.631 331 7939

Contact Dutcher Automotive engineering, 95 Sherburne Road, Greenfield, Mass, 01301, Phone 413-773-3937. I had Steve put seats, true the head and grind 1954 Jaguar crank, Knowledgeable, personable, reasonable and has a neat clean operation. I’m satisified. I brought the items to Steve from NY near West point because I couldn’t find anyone here who had what I would consider a feasible operation. around here. I checked him out and he came with references from various sources. Actually, that is how I found him, asked around just as you are doing now.

I am in WI (Milwaukee area) and have used a nearby machine shop that primarily caters to the racing hobby (…mostly drag racing) It seems like an unusual route for a Jaguar (or other classic car) but I was looking to have valves, springs and guides replaced in a 1960 MGA. When I brought it in and explained, what it was and what I needed, they said they could so it if I could source the parts. As they explained, “it is simply a machining task”, although they didn’t normally deal with foreign or classic cars - they were willing to do it. I ordered the parts and they did the machining. (I had to do my own valve clearance adjustment). They did a fine job.
The company is C&S Performance (Butler, WI) I am not necessarily suggesting them if you are not in the immediate area, however, you may look to a specialty racing / automotive shop in your area that does their own machining. Just don’t start by saying “…Do you work on Jaguars?” …the answer to that is usually an emphatic -No. Good luck Tom A.