Made some smoke today!

Unfortunately it wasn’t the good kind! Pulled into the driveway and smoke came rolling out from under the hood! I opened it and sure enough, antifreeze here there and everywhere! Looking around it looks like my water rail hose blew! Argh! At least I have big hands to try to get to it with. Smh!

In my opinion if one coolant hose burst the rest of them are all suspect. If I were you I would get a coolant hose kit with all the hoses and replace them all and replace the coolant. Look at it as an opportunity to do a good deed for your car. I think it was telling you something. :wink:


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I was thinking the same thing, however I have to look for my engine number. Seems like most of the kits are broken down by engine number not Vin number smh

Anyone buy a whole set of hoses? If so where from?

Yes, I bought a hose kit from SNG Barratt for my 88 XJS V12. Part # HK029 for $116 plus shipping.

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Greg, your hose set was presumably for the V12. Jason’s car is a 4.0.

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Welp I finally got to do my hoses! I ended up going on rock Auto and just adding every hose to the cart that they had. Overall I don’t think it was that bad of a job really! I did pull my grill and struts so I could open the hood wider. I used two pipes to support it. Soooooo much nicer to work under! Amazing how little you could see of the blown pipe on the car. After I got it off I was like wow!

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Remember, one common reason for exploding hoses is a plugged-up radiator.

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Good point! If my upper and lower radiator hoses get up to 194ish, that should mean I have decent flow right? Ive always been told that at least. The short hose from the engine to the heat valve also had a split starting, so I’m hoping it could just be that those two were never changed and are just that close to the engine causing them the deteriorate faster.

If those were original hoses from 1993, then they were overdue to blow. I replace my upper radiator hoses on all my cars every 5 years, they get the most stress. And they are the easiest to replace. Everything else, 10-12 years is about right.

Heater hoses are usually the ones people never replace because they’re so hard to access, and end up being the first to blow after 20 years.

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…yeah: you fully amortized the cost of them hoses…!!!

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If your lower hose gets to 194ish, something is big-time wrong.

If your upper hoses get to 194ish, you have flow. Not necessarily decent flow.

When my engine hits 200F, the aux fan turns on because the coolant exiting the radiator is 190F. I am running the cooler sender. I think the standard aux fan sender turns on at 197F…so 194F lower hose is hot, but not too hot.

What thermostats are you running? Sounds like 195F. I changed to 180F.

Ok I admit it, I didn’t actually check the lower with my thermometer yet. I do know the upper was right around there, and took for granted the lower should be too. I’ll have to check it out. As for the thermostat, yeah it’s a 190 or 195, can’t remember off the top of my head. I do have to look at my electric fan, because I had found that someone had connected it to the AC relay, and I did notice that it stopped working now. Drrrrrrrrrrrr. I have a feeling that it’s always going to be something lol :grin:. Oh and the rubber on my 1/4 window has started to drag down with the window, causing it to have trouble going up. Drrrrrrr

The lower hose should be 20 or more degrees cooler than the upper hoses.

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That makes sense. When I drive it this week I’ll double check. I also have had a slight fluttering sound, that apparently only I could hear, since I got it on the road. Changing my oil yesterday, only after going to buy a 30mm socket drrrrrrr, I looked up in and above my starter there is a broken metal pipe! I’m guessing it goes to the air pump. I’ll look at that this week too