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(Frank Barone ) #1

Hi to everyone on this forum. I’m usually on the xke forum site as I own a 63 coupe, but I intend to sell the etyp and buy a 2013-2015 xkr. What are the mileage milestones to be wary of? As of now I’m thinking any mileage up to 25k should be ok. Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated. I’ll probably drive it 3,000+ miles annually.
Frank 63 etype coupe

(Sean W) #2

Hey Frank. Not a lot of mileage milestones. Kitty likes to be driven and you’ll find more problems with lower mileage XK’s than normal mileage XK’s.
With the 5.0 engine, you will want to ensure the water pump has been addressed. It’s prone to leaking and Jaguar went through 3 iterations of WP development to get it resolved. No apparent rhyme or reason to when they fail.
Flush the brake fluid, flush the cooling system if older than 5 years and change the transmission fluid if it’s 8 years old.
Watch for dash leather pulling as well. Not many other common issues.

(Frank Barone ) #3

Thanks Sean for your quick response. I’ve tried to identify problem areas with real owners. Looking at the UK sites and here they appear to be very reliable, and I’m impressed with that. I agree inactivity and long periods of hibernation is definitely not desirable. Again thanks and hopefully next year I’ll have a xkr.

(Bruce Towers) #4

Hi Frank, realise it’s a few weeks since you asked this but thought I’d chime in with my 2 cents. Have owned my '07 XKR for 7 years now, bought it at 38k miles, now ticking up to 91k. Mine had most of the early niggles (which wouldn’t affect the later cars you’re looking for), but once fixed have caused no more problems. Apart from that, maybe the occasional electrical gremlin but nothing to stop you enjoying the car. No mechanical failures, no breakdowns, nothing outside of normal wear and tear and servicing stuff - tyres, brakes, battery, belts, couple of suspension bushes etc. It’s been as reliable as my X300, perhaps even more so.

I always intended to trade in for a later 5.0 R or R-S but to this point I’ve just hung onto it instead of taking the bait, I’m at the point now where it’s worth infinitely more to me than I’d get back if I sold it, if I buy another I’ll probably just keep the '07 as well. If that car fell apart on me tomorrow, I’d go straight out and buy another.

Regular use and regular fluid changes and you’ll be fine. Parts will still age, plastics and rubber seals will still go hard and brittle even if you park the car in a garage and never use it!


(Frank Barone ) #5

Thank you Bruce for your response, it’s great to hear from an actual owner. Your experience with this model is quite good. I’ve looked at quite a few comments regarding the xk-xkr and I’m impressed with the build quality. After I sell my 63 e type coupe this will be my next Jaguar.
Thank you again for sharing your experience.