Manifold coating - still failing

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Hello there, sorry for the late reply’s, I’m working night shoots this week.

Paul Novak, yes pretty good looking after 2 years. I’ll try to take a pic when I get back.

I was originally going to try to do jet hot, but my car is my daily so can’t really send them out. The slip plate is holding up well.

Paul Breen, enjoy japan, I try to make it out there once every 2 years to see my family.


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Back the end of the month. One week skiing in Myoko starts tomorrow!

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i dont know why all the fuss about coating exhaust manifolds??

pic of my V12 mani’s , been 26 yrs and counting , a slight spray of WD 40 and wipe down excess(must be cold engine).



(Paul M. Novak) #24

Thanks for the additional info. I just purchased some Slip Plate on eBay and plan to try it on the exhaust manifolds on the donor engine I am installing in my 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas. The exhaust manifolds are off so there will be no extra work to remove and replace them. I will just have to clean them up in my blast cabinet and prep them per the video you provided.