Mannette tube dimensions?

Does anyone happen to have an XK120 mannette they can verify the tube dimensions are the same as I measured on MKVII items ?

I measured 4, one is the later type with flat horn push, 2 are pointy, the other has no button

Dimensions were;

diameter 14.42 to 14.62 mm (9/16" to 37/64")

I have quite a stash and can confirm your measurements however, can’t guarantee they are XK. I received them in boxes of parts acquired from an (in)famous XK workshop in Sydney some years ago. They may be from MKV, MK7/8/9, XK120/140/150?

I have test fitted in a correct XK 17" steering wheel and extension tube and steering column/bottom clamp and see no reason they wouldn’t fit. Hopefully someone can confirm.

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Hi There
Hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I have a MK4 without a manette control for the steering wheel and your post mentions you have some or had some, although it is a mark 4 Jag and some may not fit If you have anything that is close that I could adapt or a lead to finding one it would be much appreciated

Best regards

Hi Mike,

I believe the MK4 to be quite different although similar operation. see these posts.

1948 3.5l Mark IV steering wheel horn push assembly

Sorry, I cant help you with MK4, try a wanted ad in the classifieds?