Manual gearbox top

I am chasing a manual gearbox top for XJ series 1 and 2 gearbox as per attached photos Can anyone help
thanks terry

Hi Terry,

I am sorry, as I had en excellent condition gearbox top cover form an early manual 4.2L XJ6 for over two decades sitting on the shelf, from my 1st car, a 1966 Ser 1 E 2+2 manual + overdrive conversion, BUT I sold it last year to a fellow J-L in Louisiana converting his MK X from automatic to manual and who had the short gearbox top cover as the gearbox was apparently from an S-type or 420.

So unfortunately at the moment, no. :frowning:


It would be hard to sell you the top cover,Terry, as it would leave me with an un-sellable gearbox.