Manuals recommendation for a new XJ-S Owner

I have an early 94 M.Y. XJ-S. Working on exorcising electrical gremlins so we can have fun driving the car this summer!!

So been reading lots of posts and see all kinds of references to a variety of manuals including… “ROM” (what does this mean _____ Owner’s Manual?)

My PO (learned that term :slight_smile: ), only gave me a Vehicle Care booklet. I purchased a PDF: Jaguar XJS All Variations Workshop Manual and downloaded a PDF of the 94 wiring diagram recommended on a Jag-lovers post.

I found a package on E-bay with Owner’s Manual, Vehicle Car, Security System, and Radio Operation for around $200. Good buy? Recommended?

So, knowing this and knowing that I’m loving working on this car, what should I be acquiring in the way of manuals- including Owner’s Manual.

Please list in priority how to build my library (and how best to acquire each). I’m sure there may be differing opinions on priority- but please do share.

For any Jag (and particularly for a first-time Jag owner), I would recommend the full OEM manual set. $200 is probably a good buy for a used set in good condition, if it includes everything that came with the original car. Be sure the set is for the same MY as your car. There is a guy (he’s still on there, IIRC) on Ebay that sells used Jag manual sets, and he usually does a good job and is fairly reasonable. I have bought from him in the past. IIRC, he mentions on his Ebay listing that he used to the “manual guy” for a large Jaguar dealership back in his earlier days. Hence why he knows his stuff. :+1:


Thank you! got the full set on the way.

What next?

ROM refers to the Repair Operations Manual, a subset of the multi volume workshop manuals. There is a version for the V12, and another for the 6. It’s geared at the DIYer, but there are gaps, particularly on the later models.

The first thing i would do after you’ve digested your owners manual is download and read “Experience in a Book”, aka, The BOOK", by Kirby Palm. Available at the link below. It covers the entire car in over 700 pages, and is a collection of problems, fixes, solutions, etc to most areas of the XJS. Its geared more toward the V12 and pre-facelift models, but also covers major common areas such as suspension, interior, electrical issues, etc. It also has suggested manuals.

For the later cars, I suggest the multi volume workshop manual. You will need the set fir the facelift cars. Used to be available on CD, but I don’t know if it still is. I would also get the late model parts manual, as that is very useful for figuring out how things go together.


(what Jal said) … Yes, the full factory workshop literature “set” for the XJS model … :+1: Last I heard, you could still either get it on CD rom or download it directly from the online vendor. IIRC, I did the latter. :thinking:

Don’t forget also, as far as being able to view parts (diagrams) and get their respective Jag part #s, the Daimler Heritage website is invaluable. :clap:

Actually, given you have a face-lift model XJS, more precisely:


Thanks Jon. I appreciate your time and reference. I will download THE BOOK right away!

Paul, thank you for your time and the link to the parts website. Very helpful!

I completely agree with what Jon and Paul have said.

I will add that is a site worth visiting. Free downloads of useful info, such as TSBs and Tech Model Updates


I couldn’t see any manuals on the Jaguar-land Rover-classics site, but it looks like they intend to operate rather like Aston Martin…don’t bother too much about producing new cars, just rebuild the classic ones.

@Dieselman : the jaguar classic website is useful to find the part number, and exploded views
they offer a limited number of pats, the main benefit is they can be shipped to a local Jaguar dealer

I use also search in a pdf version of Limora or SNG Barrat parts catalog when I need to look for a specific part but can’t figure the exact page Jaguar choose to locate it on their website

Kirby’s “experience in a book” is very good, but more oriented to earlier versions, less so for facelift from end of 93 (MY 93.5) and later
Ford fixed some points noted in THE BOOK

@ArchVR : the exact electrical diagram is a must, as Jaguar kept changing equipment along the years

I like the PDF versions as they’re easier to search through, most of them are “somewhere” on the internet, so don’t spend much buying various CD / DVD compilations

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The classic website is a good online psrts reference source. You can also get a parts manual at Moss Motors. is a source for some good (and free) downloads., TSBs, tech updates, wiring diagrams

You can purchase a Repair Operations Manual (ROM). Get the one that includes supplements A, B, C. Probably Jaguar Daimler Heritage trust or such as the place to buy from

Thanks Jim. I have the link, but always good to get confirmation that it is a well used site by others.

Thank you xjsv12coupe. I believe I have a 93.5 as well since production date was March of 93. I assume soon after they started the 94-model year. I have conflicting documents from the PO listing both 93 vs 94. Virginia titled it as a 94.

our coupe is a 6.0 V12, with rear brakes in the wheels, which is the MY94 spec, but started during 1993.
Our car is VIN 188xxx, while the switch occured from 179737

The VIN will give you the “rank” in production, but a car built in 1993 may have been for sale for a while, hence first registration only in 1994