Many problems with the f type s

Hi Frank here, I’m looking to buy cpo f Type s but after reviewing all the negative comments I’m getting skittish about the build quality. I know there will be some issues from some, but with approximately 13k built by my2016, can I expect 50k trouble free miles? I’m counting on this forum to help me make a decision. I’ve already given up on a manual transmission due to clutch slipping (unbelievable in this day and age). I’ve read about brittle coolant lines, engine issues and corrosion. I’m so looking forward to owning a f type s. Seems only owners with issues write to this forum, satisfied owners please give me your honest assessment.
Thanks everyone in advance for your insights.

Are there any long term owners with positive comments? I believe USA probably has the majority of f type sales. No comments is disappointing.

PM me, and I will put you in touch with a long-time owner, who can be counted on to tell you unvarnished truths.

Yes! I’ve owned my 2014 F-Type S Convertible since new. I’ve put about 45k miles on it so far. The first few years it was my daily driver, but now I carpool most days so I don’t use it as much.

Since mine is an early car, I had a couple of recalls, but nothing major. I had to get the fuel filler tube replaced, it was too restrictive and made fuel pumps cut out all the time. The battery suddenly died after about a year. The navigation system is useless, but it might be better on a 2016 MY car, I’m not sure.

I had some problems with the transmission at one point, but it turned out they were caused by me. I had one of those OBD-II dongles plugged in, for automatic tracking of my car usage for work. As soon as I removed the dongle, the problem went away.

That’s it. Crazy fun car to drive. I’ve got an average of 23 mpg over the lifetime of the car so far, which is not too shabby for a car this fast. And a right foot this heavy.

It stops, it goes, it corners, it puts a huge grin on my face, and it looks damn good while doing it.

Good luck!

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Thanks for all your replies. Just now I had my f type flat bedded to Jag dealer, dead battery. Glen cove very helpful with opening door with key, a little fenagling (Brooklynese) and opened. Couldn’t open trunk where I have a litiunm battery jump starter, but with bonnet open could have started Jag. Roll back arrived within 45 minutes and started Jag reversed out of garage and drove down driveway to roll back. Once started dash showed low air pressure. Dealer put two new rear tires on along with new rear rotors and brake pads last Friday. What a gorgeous car, after owning a 63 E Type Coupe I’m blown away by it’s beautiful lines much like the E Type but newer and more contemporary. I love this F type!!