Map pocket lid hooks - S type

I need to find, or make, the retaining hooks attached to the ends of the elastic strap for the front door map pocket lids for my S type. They are shown in the spare parts catalogue as BD26667, but there is insufficient detail to determine how the hook end works. There is nothing on the door inner panel like a hole or clip.

Can someone please provide a picture with a few dimensions and explain what it hooks onto on the door.

Thanks for any assistance.

I’m not sure how original my solution was, but when I replaced my stretched out straps, I secured the hooks on the outward turned edges of openings in the metal panel behind the inner door panel. It required hanging the inner panel from the top and reaching up from underneath to get the hooks in place, a rather tedious job. The hooks are just stiff wire fabrications that the strap wraps around, as fairly well represented in the parts book. The illustration seems to show a single hook-to-hook strap whereas my strap makes a continuous loop between hooks and is stitched end to end, as found when I went into it. Sorry I don’t have pictures or dimensions, and prefer not to go digging behind the inner panel again.

Thanks Don, I’ll be getting onto it before Christmas. I will solve it. I want life to be simple so I need to come up with something. I think my problem is that the wire hooks are all homemade items and do not have an adequate hook end.