Mark 2 2.4 1966

(SilkCut) #1

Goodmorning everyone,

I’m considering buying a Mark 2 2.4, but although I know a little bit the model I do not know all the details in the smallest details.

Therefore I would have some requests:

  • 2.4 is a nice engine or is it better to avoid?
  • what is the cruising speed that can be kept in peace?
  • the full scale of the speedometer must be 200 km / h or 240 km / h
  • the bottom of the car what color should it be?
  • do the wheel arches in the boot have to match the bodywork?

In my opinion the car (stopped for 3 years) was partially restored in the 90s, the woods are too bright …!

What is the right price to pay for this car in the following two cases:

  • if the engine is running
  • if the engine is locked

(Dirk Van Ussel) #2

If the car is 1966,should’t it have Su carbs?Looks like an older engine was planted in?



It came with twin Solexes

(Ian) #4

Inside the boot should be body colour
Had 2 and both have been black under side (underseal)

The 2.4 is the lesser Engine , but should run ok , and should run at 80mph all day
Not sure about Km , but 2.4 had 120 speedo and 3.4 and 3.8 had 140 mph speedo’s

If Engine is locked , go in at a very low price , then fit a good 3.4 engine in :blush:

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #5

And change the diff. Paul

(Lovell) #6

Greetings All

I bought my 1965 MKII with wire and OD when I was working overseas in the U.K.

During that time I bought 3.8 springs with the plan on “upgrading” the engine to a 3.8.

The engine I built for this was used in another one of mine after I decided I really liked the engine. Yes it could be quicker. The previous owner has obviously changed the rear end. The engine is ticking over less than 2000 rpm at 65 mph, which explains its lack of urgency, but it cruises great and sound Ike a sewing machine.

I fitted triple 1 1/2" SU’s, but the sole exception were fine, I was bored when I did that. I miss the oil bath air cleaner.

Heater sucks, even after sealing everything up, might address that if I do AC tht should slower me some.

Have no idea what the color underneth should be but mine had undercoating and sprayed body color.