Mark 2 engine mounts are different on a XJ engine

Hello every body, I had a request to build my XJ engine to fit in a Mark 2 car, but have several problems. The first is the generator must be fitted in the head and the camshaft have to bore and making the thread for the drive dog, which I don’t have. The second problem is the motor mounts, they are placed forward on the Mk 2, but do I you have bore out the hole’s too? The last problem is the oil filter housing, does it fit in the Mk 2 and how about the drive belt construction?
Can anyone help me with these problems?


There are three ways you can do this.
First, you can use the MK 2 camshaft but you have to set valve clearance as for the MK 2.
Second you can drill and tap the XJ camshaft to take the Generator drive dog.
Third, you can use a XJ S1 Tacho that is driven of the distributor.
For 1 and 2 you will need to use the MK 2 cam covers and drill and tap the head for the Generator screws
The block has the bosses already in place for the engine mounts.
Good luck.

probably no for the side mount XJ filter…you can fit either a XJ filter block that points up or down, or use the original filter head, with some adaptors for the cam feed oil pipes.

for the belts, it depends on what accessories you are using, XJ pulleys can be stacked on the crank damper, everything has to like up, usually means a bit of fettling by elongating bracket holes etc, and custom belts…they come in 5mm length increments

Tony. the guy can wait any longer and it’s he’s problem later.
Thank you for all the information.

Thank you Norman, that’s a good idea a distributor from XJ S1, I will report it to the guy. He want’s to take the engine home this weekend.

Frank, yes, you need to use the XJ distributor because of the larger displacement, 4.2 to 3.4/3.8, but the Tacho actually is driven of the coil.
You may have to change the front of the tacho to match the MK2 instruments, can’t remember if the face rings are the same.

Please explain how larger displacementt requires a different distributor…?

A different timing curve, I get.

Yes Paul, different advance curve.