Mark 2 fograngers

Does anyone know the difference between M3 and M5 fograngers for the mark 2. (is there in fact an M3?)

I don’t but happy to provide a picture of mine and a code (if I can find one) as a comparator. Paul.

Thank you Paul
I suspect the difference may be the size ?
Would appreciate what info you have

Google M3 and M5 Lucas fog ranger and a few hits come up, one states that M5 is a 5” light not sure how definitive this is I doubt there is a 3” fog :smile:

Here are two pictures. The chrome plated circumference is 155mm. The embossing on the glass notes “M3”. Paul.

Thanks Paul
so you have the M3 fitted to your Mark2?
There is a set of M3 for sale but mine were M5. I wanted to make sure they would fit and are correct why I asked if anyone knew the difference between the 2. Googling brings up hits for both but no distinguishing descriptions.

My car came with them. Like much of the car I suspect they came with it new. They fit neatly where the vents go and still work! Paul.