Mark 2 Jaguar Door panels

Desperately need reasonably priced door cards for a Mark 2 jaguar. Mine are totally shot–unusable even for templates. My project has essentially stopped until I can locate 4 door card panels. Upholstery not needed–just the door cards but will take upholstery if that is what you have.
Or anyone know who I can try to get some new ones?


Asking price (if selling):

Location: Salem, OR

Contact information: foreo1k@a0l.c0m

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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I have a pair of new front panels upholstered in red that I am not using.

where are you located? and how much would you like for them?

I’m in New Jersey. The panels are
about 3’ x 2’ so packing them will be a concern no matter where
they are located. How much are they worth to you? Hopefully enough
to make it worthwhile for me to come up with a suitable shipping container.

Mike Eck

New Jersey, USA

'51 XK120 OTS, '62 3.8 MK2 MOD, '72 SIII E-Type 2+2


Therein lies the hurdle I guess…

With freight on top of the cost it may present it being too expensive from the East Coast.

I have not even the slightest idea of how much they would be worth–what would they be worth to you to sell?


Mike, Marshall,
I have sold a lot of Jaguar parts to list members but I keep those discussions, particularly when dealing with pricing, off list.

I use the PM (Personal Message?) function for those private details and that has worked out nicely.


These are available new from the major manufacturers like BAS and OSJI, but are quite spendy, probably $600+. If you can find a used set with intact vinyl, it’s worth doing the labor to remount them. I recommend getting sheet ABS from a plastics dealer - it’s easy to work with, and won’t deteriorate of warp if exposed to moisture. There is enough concavity to these panels that plywood door skin is too stiff - ask me how I know. I’ll check to see if I have any left, but I think not.

Thanks for the info Ron-- much appreciated! As luck would have it, I found a complete set down in L.A. (California) for $110 plus shipping (which will cost me about $29.00). Used, sure but that’s all I need.

Appreciate the forum-- thanks!