Mark 2 radio pops and cuts out

Hi All, I’m installing the radio in my 1963 MK 2 prior to installing the console. When I turn the key to the start position and turn on the radio, after a few seconds I hear a loud pop which repeats and then the radio will cut out for a few seconds. I did a test run of the radio during disassembly of the interior with the purple hot wire connected to a green terminal (hot with key on) and I connected a ground wire to the radio chassis with an alligator clip. Worked fine. Now I have connected the purple wire as before, screwed a ground wire to the back of the radio chassis, and installed it in the center panel with the heater controls.
Any suggestions ? I don’t want to complete the console installation until this issue is resolved. Thanks

This is a very wild guess but if by accident the radio was wired up negative earth when it should be positive earth could there be some sort of internal circuit breaker operating? Is the popping noise from the radio chassis or from the speakers?

I think the popping comes from the speaker. It is positive ground. I will try it again to be sure but I want be careful of doing damage.

Hi John, I checked the ground wire and the hot wire and both are correct. The radio is Channel Master model 6543, with reversible polarity. There appears to be a polarity switch on the side of the case which indicates that the polarity is set to positive. It is also dual voltage and the voltage is set to 12v. It may well be an internal problem and if so probably not fixable by me. If you or anyone with electronics expertise has a suggestion I would like to know. I’m stumped. Thanks


I have had popping noises from condensors that were on their way out. Believe sometimes the layers inside connect, the condensor drains and burns up the connection again. Eventually they start to get really hot and cook.
The popping wasn’t regular though so it must be some circuit or other that is overloaded and then drains again and that cycle repeats?
I‘d take a look inside at the very least, then take it to a specialist if nothing is obvious.

Thanks David, I’m convinced that the problem is internal and I am going to remove it from the fascia panel today and open it up. I’m looking at several classic car radio repair and upgrade companies now. Do you or anyone else have a good recommendation- someone with a proven track record? Thanks

In those cases I always look at the small shops that have fixed radios and tvs for decades, first.
It won’t be too cheap but better than a bluetooth board from china.