Mark 2 spare wheel well fit

Hi again.

I am running 205 - 70 - 15 tyres on the mark2 and am very happy with them. However this size won’t fit into the spare wheel well in the boot. I can see a 185 R 15 would fit. The issue is that I can’t seem to find a tyre of that size. I am in New Zealand.

Can any of the Kiwis out there point me in the right direction to find a suitable tyre?

I have a set of 5 Dunlop tyres in that size (fairly sure would need to go out and look to confirm), they have been dry stored in my garage for the last 20 years, never been mounted, I know there is a lot of angst on the site about tyres ageing out but as agent you home one would possibly suffice.

Hi Robin

Are you in Christchurch?

Same size as E type tyres. Used to be able to get Kuhmos in that size. Also Michelins. I use Tyreland here in Dunedin, you could try them….
Duck Duck Go search also comes up with:

Or here (gulp, this is what I have on the E, but paid half this price a few years back)

Good luck!

Nope Auckland but hopefully be in CHCH for the Siver fern rally later in the year.

I like the Nankang RC-001. They are a copy of the Michelin XVS and about 1/3 the price. I have them on 2 of my E types.

The Hankook K715 is a light truck/van tyre, and there are a lot of others in that size.

Curiously, I have ordered these today for my E. Provider called back to say he is having difficulty getting tubes with steel valves (have these now). Tyres of our variety are a little scarce at the moment.

Thanks Robin.

I will try to find something locally first and will get back to you if I can’t.



Thanks Andrew

Appreciate your suggestions

The 185 tyre won’t fit in my Daimler V8-250 spare wheel well (same body) and as it was very old and bald anyway I bought a 165 as it would only be used as a spare.

I mentioned this on a forum and was advised that it would be illegal to use it as it was not the same as the other tyre on the same axle would be and this would be illegal.

A discussion about spacesaver spares (people thought it was Ok to use ‘proper’ spacesavers as their construction was different) ensued and in the end I went to a government department (can’t remember which one) for advice which was that as long as I had ‘50mph’ written on my spare wheel it was Ok.

Don’t know if your legislation is the same.

Hi Robert.

Interesting comment. I will keep this in mind

It will be interesting to see how you like them.

I have found that they do lighten the steering, which is nice. They look good on the car.

These tyres seem to ride nicely, corner quietly and so far I haven’t had any nasty surprises. Mind you, I don’t drive my cars hard, nor in the wet.

When I mentioned these on the UK Forum there was a bit of “looking down the nose at me” from the purists for touting a Korean copy of a classic.

My experience is that they are well mannered and a lot cheaper than the money Michelin wants for a 60 year out-of-date tyre design.

Same here, Andrew. A big year for my E is 750 - 1000 miles. It’s raining here today and my favourite shop is very busy so I removed all the wheels and took them in this morning. Have been reversed into on two occasions in tight spaces before. Changing out the Hankook Optimo K175’s that it came with.

I have these fitted to my MK2.


Vredestein Classic 185 15 is what I had on my Mark 2 from the year 2000 until three years ago when one of them disintegrated, fortunately, within the confines of my garage. I replaced them with another set of Vredesteins three years ago, and, no, I will not attempt to drive on those for another 20 years!

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Does the 185 15 Vredestein fit in the Mk2 spare wheel well? Anyone know if a 185 on 6” wide rims would fit?

I’m in process of restoring my Mk2 and plan on running 205/70-15 on 6” MWS wire wheels. I know these will not fit in the spare wheel well, so plan on using a 185 for spare (assuming that fits). However, I already bought 5 of the 6” wide wheels, hoping this doesn’t mess with the spare fit.

Just be aware if your car has an LSD then you must keep the same size tyres on the axle, that means if you get a flat on the rear you need to move one of the front wheels to the rear.

Good point. I would make sure the diameter of the 185 and 205 is approximately the same. I believe this is doable.