Mark IV 3 1/2 LHD DHC 1948 - fuel level sensor (sender)

Any advice where could I buy a level sensor (sender) for a fuel tank for Mark IV 3 1/2 1948 LHD DHC?


if it’s anything like the MKV I’d say that the only way to get a new one is do as I did for my MKV DHC and buy one for an XK120 and if you have your original (not working) one change the rod and float from it, or use it as a template to modify the XK rod so that it would move correctly inside your fuel tank (the tank and the baffles are a bit different than on the XK120).

After a couple of trials I am quite happy with mine, this way it reads full, but does not start to show less before about 10-15 liters have gone, then it shows ok all the way until almost empty and lights the yellow /amber low fuel warning light on the gauge.

I know the MKIV did not have the “warning light” for low fuel like MKV’s, XK’s and E-types have, but I think the sender is otherwise the same, MKIV’s and SS Jaguars had the lever by the fuel filler for the “reserve” tank, which might work if taken good care of. :slight_smile:


Ps. LIke this one: SNG Barratt UK | Keeping your Jaguar on the road

Thanks Pekka. Unfortunately I do not have a sender at all. Therefore I will buy one for XK 120 and try to adjust it, unless I find any working second-hand one.

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This is the one in my '38 SS. No second terminal for a low level light, but otherwise pretty similar to the XK120 unit. Be sure your terminal(s) and top cover are well sealed with a fuel resistant sealant, because these things do fill up with fuel that leaks in around the operating shaft.

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Thank you for the warning Rob!