Mark IV Air Intake Silencer/Filters - 2.5L and 3.5L

(Peter Lloyd) #1

Has anyone done a restoration job on bruised or damaged Mk IV canisters, and are the AC service decals available?

Is there any cross-sectional drawing showing the internal construction?

My initial thought was to cut around the base about a cm inside the rim and remove the domed base along with whatever is attached by the central rivet. Then carefully make a replacement dome to fit neatly to meet the rim, overlapping the flange remaining, and use it to rebuild the internals. I have one where the central tube has separated from its bottom connection and rattles around, and another with something rolling around inside. Both also have the captive studs not captive anymore and are turning.

These faults don’t really make any difference to their operation and the studs can be carefully brazed in place, but the dents are very unsightly.

(Graham Jordan) #2

Hi Peter.
I have a pair pulled apart for repairs at the moment although they are at the panel beaters. I hope to be out there in the next day or two so will take some photos.
Appears they were original galvanised
Regards, Graham.

(Graham Jordan) #3

(Peter Lloyd) #4

Thanks Graham, that’s a good amount of detail. It looks like you have successfully removed the two end caps with the folded seam. How was this done without damage?

(Graham Jordan) #5

Slowly with a pair of side cutters. Once I got it started it was no problem. They aren’t held there by a great deal

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