Mark IV battery

I have been researching batteries for my Mark IV, with the battery on the left side of the scuttle. It looks like I will need to settle for one that is shorter, perhaps 12 inches. The hood/bonnet is off, but it looks like the battery would hit the top with 1/2 inch for the battery support and 9 inches for the battery.
Has anyone solved this issue. Keep in mind I am in the USA.


I found two pix on the web.

I chose a Lucas repro from Antique Auto Battery in Youngstown Ohio for my Mark V.
It measures 12" x 6-3/4" x 8" tall case and 9-1/4" high at the terminals.
The business changed hands and is now known as Jim’s Battery.

Hello Rob,
I found that Shield battery makes an antique looking battery. One is 14.5 wide and another is too wide at 17 inches. I will finalize my choice and put it on the forum.

They are in the UK.

Here’s one in the US.

Not sure where this one is.

Here is an original MKIV battery.

Shield Batteries can make you a correct type and Alan Gibbins from the UK SS Register can sell you the hold down bolts.


What’s the method of retaining the bolt in the support platform Tim? Is there a tack welded nut or similar? Mine have nothing.

Peter Lloyd

Yes, a ‘captured’ nut, though you could just use a nut and hold it with your fingers.


Thanks Tim. I assume they were resistance, ie spot welded to the underside. I have the bolts but not the battery, which would be hellishly expensive and I’m running out of arms and legs. A standard Repco or Supercheap one will do the job until a rich relative croaks - but I’ve run out of those too, actually never had one anyway. Oh well…

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Great information about a battery for a Mk IV 3.5 litre…But, I’m still looking for a battery with a period appearance to fit the original cradles in a Mk IV - to improve the appearance of the engine for a Concours. The above info was great, but still no success. Shield Battery can provide one which is long enough, but they no longer make the “low” designation which keeps the height below 7" to fit beneath the bonnet. Jim’s Batteries in Youngstown, OH has one which is low enough in height, but it’s only 12" long, so will not be sufficient to sit atop the original battery cradles.

Someone has suggested to me that I look for an old battery of the right size, and use it for “display” only and not worry that it isn’t functional. Judging starting, horn, lights, etc would not be possible. I’m on a short schedule and need the battery for mid-September. I’m in the US. Any brilliant suggestions would be very welcome!

If you can find a case then you can have the internals replaced - bingo!

Hello James,

It is not concourse, but here is my solution. I put a stainless plate across the battery supports. It is turned up 1/2 inch at front and back, in a “U” shape. Then, I added nuts underneath and moved the battery hold downs for a smaller battery. I could not find a battery with the ears attached, so I made the brackets pictured to hold it down. I used the 12 inch shield battery.

I believe Shield actually makes a battery that is 1/2 inch too long, that is under 7 inches. (612 Low) Shield is also able to reverse the poles of any battery.

Having the original battery would, of course, be ideal.