Mark IV bezel/escutcheon

I am missing a few details on the instrument panel, namely the 2 escutcheons being the windshild wipers and the bezel behind the vent button. I can create the vent bezel on a lathe if necessary.


You could also make the wiper escutcheons on a lathe.
1.25" OD
.312" overall height
flange .062" thick
extension .375" OD
.312" thru hole
screw hole spacing 1.0"

I am missing part of the vent operating mechanism. I would like to see a picture of all those parts so I would know what I am missing.

Hello Rob,

Thank you for the information. I may give it a try making the wiper parts on the lathe. I am sending you the vent information. If you can’t make out something let me know.


Thanks Dennis. I have all those parts. Apparently I am missing something that attaches to the lid itself.

Hello Rob,

This is a picture of your missing piece in the car. On the right top it is attached to the vent itself, with a small shinny bolt and knut. The piece bends close to 90 degrees and has a pin and cotter pin at the angle. On the left edge of the picture, the piece splits to accept the bent piece , again using a cotter pin. … The bent piece with the black knob that you already have .

I will try to get it out tomorrow for better measurement.


Hello Rob,

It is not impossible to get that particular part out of the car, but very close. I chose to measure it and make a model. It is a one piece casting that could be cut out of raw material…or perhaps made in pieces and welded together. It is just a lever, but must be strong due to the original vent design.




Thanks Dennis. I get the idea. I can make that.
Very clever to think of modeling it in wood. :ok_hand: :clap: